Geeka Media Group and the business’ Founder James Cousins have featured in high-profile regional press on a number of occasions. These stories map the journey of the company from a one man band in a small office in March 2020, to a team of 4 people and second premises by January 2021.

The business achieved record growth of 300% in its 2020 revenue (compared to the previous year), while current progress puts the business on track to double this amount in 2021.

8th July 2020: Coventry teen who turned £12k profit aged 12 sets up media firm in the city // Coventry Telegraph

3rd March 2021: Coventry entrepreneur who started YouTube page at 12 moves his Geeka Media firm to bigger offices and takes on three employees // Coventry Observer (main cover story)

Notable quotes:

“Without wishing to sound like an 80s DJ, my one to watch is James Cousins of Geeka Media, who I refer to as my ‘YouTuber’ but he is so much more than this. During one of the most economically challenging times, he moved into this first office and then took on his first employee. Then during lockdown two, he moved to a larger office and increased his staff to three. Not bad for a 19-year-old! His business acumen, personality and synergy really is infectious” – Penny Rob, Centre Manager @ UWSP