Loop International AIO PC

A modern AIO PC, inspired by Scandinavian Design and produced for the B2B, B2C and Education markets.

The brief we received was to create a product video for a Loop International AIO PC design. This system is aimed primarily at the B2B and Education markets, with the video aimed at individuals in procurement and purchasing at large organisations. The video was to show the advantages of Loop’s modular system approach, and highlight the future proof and green credentials of their 27 inch all in one. They also contracted Geeka Media to host the video, providing production, post-production and hosting services. The video was shot at our in-house studio, helping to streamline costs.

We also incorporated other assets Loop had previously had commissioned, and used other footage provided by Intel to complement the presentation.

Client: Loop International & Intel
Website: loopint.com
Date: January 28, 2022
Services: Long Form Content, Corporate Video, Hosting